RAMPANT DECAY's CD is available NOW!!

Out now from OBSCENITY CULT RECORDS, Drunk Edge Thrashcore powerhouse RAMPANT DECAY unveils their debut slab of Hellhammer meets Agnostic Front meets Napalm Death hate, 'ANTISOCIAL DEATHMARCH'. Some 20-odd minutes dedicated to Naragansett tallboys and the devil. Artwork by Brian Livoti of WATCHMAKER.

$5 at shows, $7 by mail. Orders can be sent via paypal to rhorror AT gmail DOT com

We also have white t-shirts available with the cover art on the front for $8 at shows and $10 by mail, displayed below--



London, UK.. a post about really important stuff..

Hi kids! Just thought I would inform you about some things going on! And if you could also repost this bulletin, that would be awesome!

  • If you havent already, go listen to the LondonCalling Hardcore demo show podcast. There is a link ON THIS PROFILE. We are recording the next one this Sat. It will be amazing..

  • And, add LDNLove. and go the London calling. Links with the following banners. And if you would like to put these banners on your webpage, i will love you forver. heh.

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    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

  • There is an amazing show happening on the 20th May. Its going to be astounding. You should really come.

Thats all for now. Have a lovely wednesday!

M x

Selling ALL of my vinyl!!!!

Hey just wanted to let you guys know I'm selling off my records to pay my student loans off. I'm starting off with 7" and listed 40 of em (below wigs corsets etc). Been collecting since early 90's along with some thrift store finds gifts from friends etc... some of it rocks some of it sucks but all must go punk, crust, hardcore, grindcore, metal etc etc
Alsana's 7" collection